Wanglaoji’s products move with the times

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The first Wanglaoji Herbal Tea store was established in 1828 as part of Guangzhou’s Thirteen Factories. In recent years, the brand has launched multiple new products, such as sugar-free herbal tea, black herbal tea, super icy herbal tea, jasmine-flavored herbal tea, coconut juice and Ci Ning Ji juice, to meet consumers’ demand for healthy but delicious drinks.

“Apart from diversifying our products, we have adopted new packaging,” said Weng Shaoquan, general manager of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Great Health Industry Company Limited。 For example, packaging of Wanglaoji Black Herbal Tea was designed with a younger demographic in mind。 The overall design features a black background and 88 colorful and playful graphic elements。 It has been recognized by several international bodies and competitions, including the Red Dot Award, iF Product Design Award, A' Design Award & Competition, and Graphis Sliver Award。

In 2017, the first “1828 Wanglaoji” fresh brewed herbal tea store opened for business in Guangzhou。 Traditional Chinese medicine is reinterpreted with modern and fashionable elements, combining traditional herbal tea culture and modern tea consumption trends into one, presenting healthy tea products to their customers。

Wanglaoji has established partnerships with streaming platforms, such as ZJTV, Tencent and iQiyi。 It has also sponsored highly rated television dramas, variety shows and famous games, and offered product franchising and customized products。

In 2019 Wanglaoji and Tik Tok worked together to organize both the Mobile Creation Competition and the See the Music Program。 It also joined hands with Weibo to launch the first ALL Star Vlog Competition, exploring new boundaries in social media and promotional activities。

The Mobile Creation Competition asked participants to show a “culture of auspiciousness” from their own perspective. More than 100 talented videographers delivered their videos within 20 days, with a total of 2,914 videos were submitted, viewed over 6 billion times, a new Tik Tok record.

Wang Lao Ji (New York) Herbal Tea Museum

Launch of the Wang Lao Ji (Tokyo) Herbal Tea Museum project

Wanglaoji plans to establish 58 herbal tea museums around the world. So far the museums in Guangzhou, Beijing, Ya’an and New York have been opened. The building in Tokyo is about to be completed. The site is a fusion of a traditional museum and fresh brewed herbal tea store, allowing visitors to see, taste, hear and touch herbal tea, on the opening day the museum in New York attracted around 4,000 visitors.

In addition, Wanglaoji established its first overseas scholarship, Wang Lao Ji Auspicious Culture Ambassador Scholarship, in partnership with the University of Auckland.

Author: Michelle Wang

Editors: Simon, Monica

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