Sangongzai Paradise opens at Shennong Caotang Museum

2019-06-05 09:34:35 GPHL GPHL

GPHL’s Sangongzai Paradise officially opened to the public at the Shennong Caotang Museum on May 25th, providing kids with a place to play around as well as to learn more about TCM.

On the opening day, Sangongzai organized a garden party consisting of performances, fun games and other activities for children and their parents who also got to know more about Sangongzai’s drugs for children and got in touch with TCM culture.

Sangongzai is a Wanglaoji brand and has been dedicated to the scientific research and manufacture of children’s medicine since it was established over 30 years ago.

About Shennong Caotang Museum

Established in 2006, Shennong Caotang Museum is the first semi-enclosed garden-style TCM museum to combine nature and history in order to showcase Lingnan medicine, the culture of homology (medicine and food), medicinal plants and TCM’s cultural significance.

Located to the south of Baiyun Mountain and inside the factory of Guangzhou Baiyunshan and Hutchison Whampoa Ltd, Shennong Caotang Museum has already received more than one million visitors from home and abroad and become a top tourist destination for locals and visitors alike.

Author: Li Jiaxing

Editors: Monica Liu, Simon Haywood

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